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Asian Education runs a six-week-long educational program on TOEFL Preparation which is a thirty-hour course tutorial taken an hour every day to suit students' time. The students who are interested can enroll in any classes between 7 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. It measures your ability to integrate your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills while performing academic assignments. If you have studied in an English medium institute, you'll find the TOEFL very easy and might even request a TOEFL waiver. TOEFL may be a computer-based test of English proficiency which is often a four-hour-long standardized online test that assesses student’s level of English in four different skills. All our students have the chance of concluding these tests within the Self Access Lab. Teachers organize a test for the students on the computers so that they're well aware of the technique of answering every variety of questions on their final test. 

Why Choose Us?

Why choose us?

-We cater almost 1000 students of TOEFL each year

-Our students have had satisfactory placements to the best universities

-We boast best of TOEFL results keeping the talents of individual students in mind, our classes are more student-focused -We practice with official ETS TOEFL questions

-We provide a free Mock Test every Sunday -Our classes have all the fashionable equipment required for interactive and technically advanced study environment

-Revision classes to the needful candidates without additional charges

-Lab facilities are run throughout the day

-Our interactive apps provide students a touch of all the information regarding all the fundamental things

-The E-library will guide students with latest practice materials

-Small class size are available with us for interactive learning

-Reading Comprehension format

-Candidates read three or four passages

-Length of every passage is of around 700 words

-From each passage 14 multiple choice questions are asked

-Likewise, 42 inquiries to answer from 3 passages and 56 questions from 4 passages

-Passage and question appear side by side on the pc screen

-Candidates hear six or nine recordings and answer 5 or 6 multiple choice questions from each recording

-The length of every recording is around 5 minutes long

-Candidates listen to three different types of recording, conversations, lectures or give-and-take

-Until and unless you decide on a solution you'll not be ready to visit the next question

-Once selected you cannot change your answers

-Question number 1 and 2 are independent speaking

-Likewise, question number 3 and 4 are integrated speaking that has, Reading, Listening and Speaking

-Question number 5 and 6 are integrated speaking that has, Listening and Speaking

-Each responses are either 45 seconds or 60 seconds long

-Candidates speak via computers

-Each response is graded on a scale of 4, then converted to 30

Task 1: Integrated Writing: Read a Passage then hear a recording Include the main information from both the materials Type a response of over 150 words Allocated time: 20 minutes

Task 2: Independent Writing: Essay Writing supported the particular topic More than 300 words of Persuasive essay Allocated time: 30 mins