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CEO'S Message

I am extremely delighted to welcome and thank you all for visiting on Asian Education and Migration’s website which is popularly known as AIEC-Global in abbreviated form. I am really optimistic that this site will play crucial role to navigate the right destination to study abroad. You will easily be able to find solution to your queries regarding education abroad.


The institution Asian Education and Migration (AIEC- global) was established with the mission of serving the young generation who can take a lead in future. We aim to provide a highly qualified, Professional and efficient service to our clients with our dynamic, experienced and competent experts in the arena of overseas Study. All our services are carefully designed and well managed. We also have established a long-term partnership with World’s best educational institutions or universities. At present AIEC- Global has been one of the influential and professional educational consultancies in Nepal.


Around a decade ago we established this organization with a vision to support aspiring students for life changing process of studying Abroad. Over the years, our passion turned into belief and we achieved an enviable position in this field. Our solid unity, commitment and dedication among the team members has proved the pinnacle of success within a short period of time. We are extremely glad to offer the most updated facilities at prime locations within Nepal and abroad. As you know that all the counselling facilities are provided free of cost by Asian. We have arranged highly competent, experienced and informative trainers for the preparation classes like; IELTS, PTE, TOEFL and so on.


Last but not least, as a head of institution I look forward to receiving constructive feedbacks from you all so that we can be able to keep ourselves up- to- date that you need for overseas education. We are really privileged to let you obtain relevant and depth comprehension regarding Abroad Studies in the tip of your fingers.


Thank you very much for visiting our website and unbelievable faith in AIEC- Global. Please feel free to visit our office to find out more. You are always welcome!